What the heck is Convergence?

I'm glad you asked. 

Every two weeks, myself and three other reporters were responsible for finding, pitching, reporting and producing a story. Our story needed a main component--either audio or video--a text story, photos, an infographic and a social component. Here are some of my favorite stories. 


Columbia Struggles to Provide Enough After School Care 

This story was about contextualizing the lack of affordable after school care in Columbia. As one source told us, "We’re not even at the tip of the iceberg of being able to serve the community and meet this need.”


Preserving What's on the Airwaves 

Around 75 percent of radio broadcasts were never properly archived, but in Missouri, some are working to restore these broadcasts before they're gone forever. 


Unpacking the Pink Tax 

This story meant my team and I dove into understand the pink tax--a price differential between men's and women's items. We learned about economic factors that create the price difference and how that difference plays out for local businesses. I loved working on a business story.