My work has let me connect with audiences across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, email newsletters and more. I tailor each message to the nuances of the platform, so it resonates with audience members. I’ve also developed strategies for newsroom projects and features.


I report and produce the IRE Radio Podcast, interviewing award-winning journalists about how their investigations come together. I produced episodes of The True/False Podcast, where documentary filmmakers dissect their films. I also worked on The Obvious Question, a podcast where a young woman with muscular dystrophy destroys the stereotypes around people with disabilities.


Public Radio

I’ve reported and produced for public radio stations in Missouri, Wisconsin and Florida. I served as senior producer for Intersection, KBIA’s weekly public affairs show. I managed the show's editorial calendar, its digital presence and a team of four producers. I pitched guests and show ideas, booked guests and mixed the show. 

The show covered visiting authors, Native American heritage and how one organization serves homeless veterans.

Additionally, my reporting has aired on NPR’s national newscast.